My dog Kenny although well behaved most of the time was ball obsessed and timid around certain other breeds. This would sometimes escalate into aggression which made me anxious about sending my daughter out to walk him. Dom came to our house and spent hours with us teaching us how to read dogs and what to look for to avoid difficult situations. She is a wealth of knowledge and suggested methods I never would have thought of.

After her visit she followed up with comprehensive facts sheets and homework for us to try.

This worked and we are now much more relaxed about walking Kenny and are able to judge other dogs behaviour and asses weather there maybe a threat.

It was fascinating and I thoroughly recommend Domineque and the Dog Brigade.

Pia Seaton, Coogee, 24th June 2016
When our Labrador puppy was six months old we decided to get some assistance with training from Domineque who was recommended by our vet. We were developing bad habits: consistently jumping on people, not coming when called, digging up the garden when left alone and eating unsavoury things in the park (the worst of which being a dead rat). All probably normal puppy behavior but in a busy household of five people, a cat and a puppy I needed some tools to help me manage!

Domineque was immediately onto all the things we had been inadvertently teaching our puppy without realizing it. She gave me much desired practical and sensible advice on everything from diet, toileting, sleeping, toys and of course great training techniques. I received detailed notes after each session that I could refer back to.

The whole family now participates in training and I can see everything from a different perspective. Dominique showed a great deal of knowledge of dog behavior and I really enjoyed our sessions. Whilst training is still an ongoing process as Sammi is so young I am amazed at how much we have achieved in the last four weeks and I would highly recommend Dominique. I am much more confident in dealing with Sammi particularly on walks off leash. I have so much more control than before and I am really enjoying time spent with our beautiful puppy.

I cannot recommend Domineque enough! We thoroughly enjoyed the entire process and even look forward to our sessions together every week. We now have a happy and content little Staffy but more importantly, happy owners.

Tanzim Griffiths, 20th June 2016
My partner and I adopted our beautiful Staffy Neville from the pound but we were unsure as to his background. We had a few incidents with other dogs while walking and we didn’t know how to deal with it. From the minute we spoke with Domineque, we felt completely reassured. After only a few sessions together working on positive reinforcement and trust, we now walk Neville with confidence.

I cannot recommend Domineque enough! We thoroughly enjoyed the entire process and even look forward to our sessions together every week. We now have a happy and content little Staffy but more importantly, happy owners.

Leisel, Bondi, 28th January 2016
It was a gorgeous sunny Sunday afternoon. Off we went to rescue a pup!
We were briefed that Mojo was very timid and needed some gentle care to come out of his shell. I was then given Dom’s details incase we needed.

‘Oh thats sweet I thought, but I’ve had dogs all my life puppies, rescues, I got this!’
After the first 3 days, we realised Mojo was in need of more than love and a cosy bed. We needed help. Real help.

I had no idea what to do with this pup that was petrified of me, my husband, the door ways, the lights, outside and every noise around him. He couldn’t bare to look at us, food was a struggle and cuddles or any form of contact was proving too much for this little guy.

I finally pulled up the courage to call Dom and ask for help. Our first meeting was such a relief. She understands what he needs and is going to teach us! She also reassured us that with time we were going to see improvement.

Lucky, as there were tough times, really tough times and we even thought that we were going to have to give him back at one stage.

After a few weeks, I can honestly say Dom quickly became more than his trainer. She was OUR trainer. The support and encouragement we have received from her is only outdone by her knowledge of what dogs and what to do when dogs don’t trust humans. She is patient, kind and has a wonderful sense of humour…. which sometimes is what got us through.

We have a long road ahead of us, though since we have Dom’s help, Mojo now enjoys car rides, the park, affection and even wags his tail!

We and Mojo couldn’t have got to where we are without his “Furry Godmother”.

Melissa, Botany, 7th December 2015
Dom’s knowledge and understating of the dogs behaviour and motivations is second to none!

My seven year old Labrador, Ruby, was extremely reactive when she saw another dog, on occasion attacking them. In addition Ruby often pulled on the lead and would eat anything she could get to.

Dom was able to share her knowledge and skill and show me why this behaviour occurred and how to better understand Ruby’s communication. In addition to being knowledgeable Dom was patient with me in my learning and set a fantastic foundation for ongoing change with both me and Ruby.

Sarah D, 15th August 2015
Earlier this year we attended a Reactive Dog course held by Dom and we recently completed the Reactive Dog 2 course.

Winslow is our first ever GSD and we wanted to be confident in taking him out in public as often GSDs get a bad rap for being aggressive. He is very active, being a puppy as well as a working line dog, but he is also quite anxious and can react negatively when in an uncertain environment. Winslow is a long coat GSD and when out and about people just want to come up and cuddle him in all his long haired glory. Sadly we have to deny most people this as Winslow does not like being approached. This, coupled with the fact Winslow will be quite a big boy once he reaches adulthood, does not bode well for the breed if he lunges and barks at people who just want to give him a pat or even look at him!

After attending both courses with Dom, we continue to see great progress in Winslow’s ability to cope in what he views as stressful situations. These are the same situations he would have previously reacted very differently in.

Dom’s training techniques make logical sense, are simple to follow and produce positive results. You can almost see the penny dropping in your pets mind when we use her techniques and allow them to make decisions they are comfortable with.

We highly recommend Dom’s expertise to any dog owners who are seeking a well adjusted and happy four legged family member.

Christine and Sam Hughes, 25th July 2015
Dom is the BEST! She has only been working with my 4 year old Kelpie X Collie Shelby for a few sessions, however the progress and improvement in her behaviour has been remarkable.

Shelby was a rescue from gumtree, she is an extremely well natured loving dog in the home. She loves her walks and would become excited and anxious to get going. Once on lead and out on her walks she would be great until she met another dog, when she would stalk and then lunge at the other dog(s) once they got close.

We enlisted Dom’s help and what a difference. Dom came in and was great with Shelby. Dom explained everything she was doing and everything that we needed to do or were doing to enforce that behaviour and how we could begin to change it. Dom was very clear and precise with what we had to do and made it very simple.

Shelby is now capable of walking in a pack of 16 dogs on a dog walk and is great. With Dom’s help I now know what to do to keep Shelby calm in certain situations and the methods to enforce her new positive behaviour.

Benjamin Cox, 7th July 2015
Dominique has been working with my 4 year old Am Staff “Bennie” and I for the past 8 weeks, and the turnaround she has been able to instill in him has been remarkable. Before working with Dom, Bennie came to us from a shelter and from homes where he had been badly abused and forced to be a “fighting” dog. He was a liability off leash and around other dogs.

Having never owned a dog other than Pugs, I was very concerned we wouldn’t be able to keep him, and have to send him back to the pound. Dom has been amazing with him, and with training me (the human) to understand his behavior patterns, and work towards confidence and obedience. I swear the woman speaks “dog.” She has been able to curb his fear and aggression, and teach me how to practice with Bennie to keep him calm and well behaved around other dogs.

Both he and I are always excited to see and work with Dom; she is reliable, motivated, and incredibly acute to the needs and body language of the animals (and humans) she works with. I cannot recommend her highly enough; she is an expert at training and obedience, and helping work with troubled animals.

Miles Ashton, 16th October 2013
Before I met Dom, my walks with my beautiful 10 year old dog were not entirely pleasant. My dog was petrified of other dogs and would bark to try and scare them off. I would spend the entire walk on high alert praying that we wouldn’t see another dog let alone run into one at the park. I became afraid that he might hurt another dog by accident and in the process hurt himself.

To start with, Dom and I and (of course) my dog spent several sessions together. This was a very important part of my dogs’ behaviour training because I needed to be trained too. Dom observed my dog in several scenarios, made a diagnosis and then gave me some tips on how to gently curb my dogs behaviour in a positive way.

After reinforcing Dom’s techniques I can now walk my dog without feeling stressed. I actually now look forward to walking my dog.

Things have improved so much so, that where I used to wait outside the vet with my dog, I can now wait in the Vet reception area without my dog being afraid of the other dogs.

Georgie and Callum, Watsons Bay., 25th September 2013
Over the past year, Dom has helped us immensely with our Miniature Dachshund, Rolly. Our training focused on issues including walking on lead, crying in the car and general behaviour. Previously, Rolly was very difficult and frustrating to walk where he would pull on the lead, constantly stop and sniff almost everything. After completing a lead work course with Dom, Rolly is much easier to walk and is still improving, this has changed our morning and afternoon walks. We also had issues with Rolly crying non-stop during car trips, this has stopped altogether after gaining a better understanding about the cause of the problem and how to fix it and ensure Rolly was comfortable in the car.

It definitely has made driving much more peaceful and less stressful! Dom has also assisted us with various training techniques for improving Rolly’s recall, leaving things, not jumping on/off the lounge as well as his general confidence and fear of other dogs. We are extremely grateful for Dom’s easy to follow and understand training techniques. Dom has a great ability to not only focus on fixing a problem but helping us to understand the basis for Rolly’s behavioural issues. Dom’s advice is honest, encouraging, easy to implement and most importantly helpful!

Leesa and Gavin, Pyrmont.
“Our Miniature Dachshund puppy Honda would bark as soon as I left the room or apartment, I tried to just leave him at home and hoped that after a few weeks he would get ‘used to it’. It only got worse by the end of the 3 weeks – he once barked for 3 hours straight, high pitched & loud.

At that point in time I had already consulted a behaviourist to help me train Honda out of his separation anxiety, and then I found Domineque and asked for advice with Honda (and not long after, stopped consulting the behaviourist I initially contacted). As time went on I was reporting back on different training methods we had tried for the sep anx. After having no success, Domineque offered to come to my apartment to analyse exactly how Honda was behaving. This was where EVERYTHING turned around.

After a month and a half, I was back to work full time.

The whole process was extremely and emotionally draining, I was constantly considering giving him up. I live by myself so I didn’t have anyone at home to help me and since he would bark as soon as he was alone, every errand was a challenge. I couldn’t let him get to the point of distress so I had to consider him in every aspect of my life.

Dom would ask me how he was going. Before I even opened my mouth she knew if I had had a good or bad night. I’m not exaggerating when I say that there is NO way I would still have Honda if it wasn’t for Dom. With every update she gave me advice, she took the time to talk to me, explaining why Honda was behaving the way he was and never letting me give up hope. Dom always has suggestions for my questions and always gives me the reasoning behind a particular behaviour so I can understand the situation from a dog’s point of view.

Words cannot express how grateful and thankful I am that I met Dom – as ridiculous as it sounds, my life has been on hold since I got Honda and now things are finally starting to get back to normal. She is absolutely the reason why I can now start to enjoy having a dog.”