Fun, off lead, daily walks in Centennial park. Dogs are walked in small groups for 1 hour (not including pickup and drop off). Images and videos sent to owners regularly.


Dogs need more than half an hour to burn off that pent up energy they always seem to wake up with. With The Dog Brigade, your dog will enjoy a 60 minute walk in a group environment, on or off-lead, whichever you prefer. The 60 minute walk does not include being picked up and dropped home.

During the walk we will be giving them treats so if your dog has any special dietary needs please inform us during the consultation. Walks will take place in a variety of dog friendly parks and beaches which will be alternated to keep your dog stimulated. We have engagement walks that benefit your dog both physically and mentally. It is important for your dogs health and wellbeing that they are mentally stimulated. We use one of their most amazing special gifts, their nose. Doing scent games to utilise their natural ability to scent and find. This uses an amazing amount of mental energy. We leave your dog happy and satisfied.

We also make sure that the dogs are put into groups that they can get the most out of. At The Dog Brigade we put dogs together that create a good group dynamic rather than just a group of dogs that don’t interact or just tolerate each other.

The time your dog spends with a dog walker can have a big impact on their behaviour so we make sure your dog is happy and enjoys their time with us.

When we return your dog to your home we will refill water bowls, make sure they haven’t left any presents for you and dry them off if they are wet. Please be aware that in order for us to walk your dog as part of a group they must be vaccinated and have a good temperament with other dogs and people.

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