A Brief word on security
I am very aware of the high level of trust that my clients place in me and at no stage are any risks taken with animals or property in my care. All keys are left in a secure area and are never indentifiable by any kind of tags or names.

Do you have a new puppy that needs its lunch or a bit of company to break up the day? We can help. We can come and visit your puppy, take them for a short walk and do a bit of basic training, then give them their lunch and LOT’S of cuddles.

I also provide a pet visits service for cats, birds, fish, rabbits, guinea pigs.

Visits include

Short visit: half hour walk (if Pet is a dog) & the services below

Puppy visit: (same price as a long visit)

Long visit: includes all of the below and a one hour walk (if pet is a dog).

  • Feeding and washing of food bowls
  • Pooper scoop
  • Cleaning of litter trays
  • Cleaning of aviary
  • Take out and retrieve bins
  • General security check of windows
  • Collection of mail
  • Watering of plants
  • Regular email updates
  • Lots of love and cuddles


$45per visit

Dog (Short Visit)

$50per visit

Dog (Long Visit)

$65per visit

Additional Pet

$5per animal