agressive dog

Do you have a reactive dog on lead?



Reactive classes are currently on hold. Please contact us for one on one Reactive sessions.

Does your dog show aggression/reactivity to other dogs, people, e.t.c.?

Lead reactivity/aggression is a common problem in urban environments but it can be managed.

Do you find yourself walking late at night or before the sun rises to avoid seeing other people and dogs?

Do you have a dog that is wonderful off lead but once that lead is put on they turn from Jekyll to Hyde?

This class will teach you reward-based techniques for minimizing/alleviating your dog’s reactivity.

Classes are limited to no more than 4 dogs. All dogs are behind barriers to reduce stress for both dog and owner.

You will learn;

  • focus exercises
  • how to better manage your dogs reactions
  • how to pre-empt your dog’s response
  • how to change your dogs response
  • how to understand what your dog is communicating to you
  • how to encourage better social skills

NB: For some dogs that have extreme reactivity Private consultations may be advised.

Classes on Saturday mornings at 9am-10am & 10.30am-11.30am, at Bondi Public school Wellington street. Parking available

To book or for more information call Domineque on 0405 534 034 or e-mail

Classes run by a certified dog trainer

Case Study: Indy

This is Indy, a 4 year old boxer.

This training was over a period of a few months.